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    Dear customer, due to the Brexit we have ceased our business in the UK. Therefore, no products are available in the web shop.

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Your basket

After completing your search and finding your desired product you can either purchase it directly of add it to your basket.

The basket allows you to add and search for multiple products before placing an order. When you add a product to the basket, a message of this appears on your screen and a notification bubble by the “Basket” tab lets you know how many products it holds.

The content of your basket can be altered before finalising your order. You can add or subtract how many articles you want from a specific product by using the arrows next to the quantity in that row (or manually type in the amount you want, depending on which browser you use). It is also possible to remove a product completely. 

Due to the nature of our platform, the basket allows you to place one, collective order but each product gets a separate order number and confirmation. If you choose to not finalise an order, the products you have added to your basket will stay there until you are ready to place an order. In the meantime, however, this could mean that a product is no longer in stock, has changed in price or otherwise is invalid for purchase. In these cases, simply follow the instructions presented to manually restore the status of your basket and order.